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Great that you are here, we hope you will learn and enjoy all the New Zealand Iris Society has to offer.

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We have three types of membership, all of which are recurring until you decide to leave the Society

E Membership

You get unlimited access to free membership content and are able to view our latest Publications on this website, however you are not able to vote for positions within the Society.  Cost is NZ $20.00 pa   [swpm_payment_button id=212470]

Full Membership

This gives you unlimited access to the website and also a printed copy of our publication (The Bulletin) will be mailed to you as well as you are able to participate in choosing the Officers of the Society  Cost is NZ $30.00 pa                        [swpm_payment_button id=212468]

Full Membership + Family member

This gives all the benefits of a Full Member plus allows a nominated family member who resides permanantly at the same address Cost is NZ$ 35.00 pa                                     [swpm_payment_button id=212469]