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The New Zealand Iris Society (Inc)

Objective: To encourage, improve and extend the study and cultivation of the Genus Iris and to collaborate with Iris Societies in other countries to regulate the nomenclature, classification and registration of irises.

“Singular and beautiful colour”

“Irises have been compared to Orchids, and those who delight in singular and beautiful colour, and to whom greenhouses and hot-houses are denied, may find a substitute for Orchids in irises”

By William Robinson, from “The English Flower Garden,” 1892

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Rangitikei Iris Show

Rangitikei Iris Show

The Rangitikei Iris showSun. 30 Oct 9.30a.m.- 4p.m Leisure Centre569 Ferguson Street  Palmerston NorthFree Admission

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Stop Press

Stop Press

Great News..... None of the gardens featuring at this year's convention have been damaged by the recent rains in Nelson..... so all proceeding as planned.

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Our Species

We all begin with a love affair and for most it is with the Tall Bearded Iris which comes in all hues except a true red and green, however the search to perfect these colours in the Iris continues today as it has done for the past 80 odd years.

Below you can see examples of New Zealand Irises.

Arils and Aril Bred Irises

The common characteristic of these very different species from which the term “aril” arises is a white appendage on one end of the seed. This appendage or aril varies in size in each species.

Tall Bearded Irises

It is a large genus containing, among several sub-genera, bearded or pogon iris, the most popular and most frequently grown iris. Thousands of named varieties have been developed over the last 100 years or so, in a wide range of colours and sizes.

Beardless Iris

There is a growing interest in the non bearded irises. Including these in your garden will extend the flowering season over almost the whole year.

Iris Society Benefits

Seed Pool

The Seed Pool is a members only benefit

Society Membership

Join the New Zealand Iris Society for information, communication, socialising, a quality bulletin, excellent book and slide libraries, seed pool, robins, seminars and garden visits and much more …

Society Awards

The New Zealand Dykes Medal can be awarded every second year by the British Iris Society on the recommendation of the New Zealand Iris Society. To view previous recipients please follow the link.

Convention 2022

              The Nelson branch of the NZIS invites members to

     Iris By Design

The National Convention to be held at Trailways Hotel Nelson Friday 11th to Monday 14th November 2022

We have followed the usual format of meet and greet on Friday evening, bussed garden visits on Saturday and Monday and an in house day on Sunday including presentations, the auction and AGM.

Trailways Hotel at 66 Trafalgar St is right beside the Maitai river and only 5 minutes’ walk from the centre of town. Its sister motel Delorenzo’s is next door and together they offer 10% discount on accommodation if booking direct through their websites using the promo code 12345.

Cedar Grove Motor Lodge, Kings Gate Motel and The Sails Motel are all adjacent in lower Trafalgar St.

Gael Montgomerie

Convenor Nelson convention committee

More information here