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by Marilyn Rathgen

Having survived a few unpredictable months due to COVID-19, the display and trial gardens lacked some attention. At the first opportunity we had in June, we called a working bee to attend to these. Eleven members had a very productive time on a warm, sunny day completing the task in one go. It was like our family was together again. The Siberians were cut back and the dead leaves burnt on an empty plot. Lynda Crossen even tried the method of burning the dead leaves on some of the dwarf irises. This coming season will tell us whether this experiment was a good method.

In July, we had a luncheon at Riverstone restaurant with a good attendance. Flowers on display included Iris reticulata, Iris unguicularis, Iris planifolia and several reblooming tall bearded irises. The table talk mostly revolved around lockdown, irises and gardening in general.

Jean Barkman discussing irises with Louise McRae

Lynda Crossen setting fire to some dwarf bearded irises

Lynda Crossen setting fire to some dwarf bearded irises.